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 Michael Jackson FBI file to be declassified before Christmas

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MensajeTema: Michael Jackson FBI file to be declassified before Christmas   Vie Dic 18, 2009 9:20 pm

Michael Jackson FBI file to be declassified before Christmas

Sources at the FBI have told Examiner.com that the federal law enforcement agency will declassify Michael Jackson's FBI files, and that the agency will make them available to the public within thirty-six to forty-eight hours.
Michael Jackson's FBI file contains 679 pages that were reviewed by the government agency. 333 pages will be released, leaving 343 pages of the late pop star's file to remain classified information. Those pages will remain secret.
The still classified documents about Michael Jackson consist of six files, the FBI told Examiner.com.
The FBI processed ninety-five classifications. The file emanating from FBI headquarters consist of several small files. There are seven files that comprise Michael Jackson's FBI documents.
The main FBI file for Michael Joseph Jackson is file number HQ 1148159. The Quantico file number is 252B-1R-6808. The LEGAT London file is 62-DLO-1179. The rest of Michael Jackson's FBI files are Los Angeles files. Their corresponding file numbers are 9A-LA-142276, 62-D-LA-236081, 62D-LA162715, 305B-LA-239204.
Sources at the FBI told Examiner.com that although they hope to have the file declassified by Tuesday, December 22, whether it will ultimately be done by that date is still not yet confirmed.
Due to the large number of requests that have been made to declassify Michael Jackson's files, the documents, compiled by FBI, will be made available via the internet. Michael Jackson's FBI file will be available for viewing online at the FBI's website when it is released.

Those wanting to read the MIchael Jackson FBI file will be able to view it is released by accessing it online at the agency's website. Viewers will be able to choose the "hot topics" link on the FBI website, which will take the reader to Michael Jackson's FBI file.
The FBI does not keep files on every citizen. However, the FBI has jurisdiction over crimes that consist of more than 200 categories of federal laws.
Jackson died on June 25,2009 in Los Angeles County, and was pronounced dead at UCLA Medical Center.
Law enforcement agents have been investigating allegations that the Jackson had been consuming painkillers, sedatives and antidepressants that may have contributed to his death at age 50. Law enforcement agencies including the federal Drug Enforcement Administration and California Attorney General Jerry Brown are helping Los Angeles police officers investigate the possible involvement of prescription drugs in Jackson's death.


En vez de estar haciendo esto, deberian estar aclarando el caso por Homicidio

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Michael Jackson FBI file to be declassified before Christmas
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